Monday, April 7


Yesterday Baby got his first taste of real solid food. And I say solid but I really mean is yams pureed so miniscule that he may as well be drinking milk. But that is the point. He loved his yams, a whole tsp full! Nothing is as fun as feeding baby his first food and seeing how he likes it!

He took all his time picking the biggest junk food fan's and eaters and all he got were these stinking yams! He He!

Lately husband and I have been cleaning up our eating habits. For example yesterday instead of buying a coffee and a treat of some sort on the way to the pool I cut up 2 peppers and we munched on these, and bananas.

Plus we have been more active consistantly too! We swam yesterday and last sunday with the baby, well swam is a stretch of the truth, splased is more like it. Baby loves the big pool better then the kiddie pool. I hold him under his arms and glide along with baby on his belly, he laughs! Happy week to all!

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