Sunday, April 20

Today of Days

Things around here are great at the moment. The snowfall that fell for two days straight has finally stopped and the sun came out and some of the snow is finally melting! Yahoo, maby its almost time to get back in the garden.

In the garden the tulips are popping up all over the place, they even have there buds. When the snow is gone I think that they will all bloom, beautiful red, I cannot wait. Now all I have to do is put up a little fence to keep the dogs out of the garden, quite a few of my tulips have been squished by a misplaced doggy bum.

I planted the tomato seeds inside last tuesday and they are sprouting all over. I can't wait until I have real tomato plants. Patience is a vrtue.

Baby slept on his own crib last night for 6 hours. After that he woke up to feed and I was too tired to get up and put him to sleep so I kept him in our large bed. I love the cuddles.

I am trying to wean myself off the baby since he sleeps on his own with no problem, just to me he is too far away!

Watching the hockey game now, Flames, I hope they win, happy sun night everyone!

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