Monday, April 28


Spring ususally puts a spring in my step except for today, beautiful weather. Even early when baby and I went for a walk at 8:30am! Warm and sunny. Unfortunately mommy drank a little too much wine yesteraday when we had my parents over for dinner so I am less then keen to go play outside. Not hungover, just tired, irratable, and I could sleep.

When will I ever learn? Wine=bad next day.

My friend called today and asked if we wanted to walk up spray lakes! Woe is me! I would love to and when it gets later in the day I am going to try, I hope I can make it..... Don't feel bad for the hung over mama!

Other things we are getting baby started on t.v early as you can see....He loves the pictures and really enjoys baby einstein, I love that lady that invented it, what a great idea!

I am working on new items for my shop so take a look... they should be for sale soon!

Good sunny day to everyone!

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