Thursday, December 30


Cy, Ter and I had a great day. Now that Ter is sleeping better after I give him Advil, Oragel, and Tylenol, we are all getting more sleep = a happier family. Everyone knows that when Mama's Happy everyone's happy! :)

Our days are filled with running back and forth between all the new toys the boys recieved for Christmas. I am even loving them! I bought the boys huge bouncy balls so they both could use them with no fear of Ter swallowing one. The balls are a huge hit! They play for hours tossing them through the kitchen when I am doing the dishes or making meals. It's chaos but organized chaos!

We made our first trip to the grocery store with Cy having NO DIAPER! It went great. He peed when we got there and made it all the way home. He even fell asleep in the car and did not wet his pants! I am so proud. We pretty much only use diapers when we are going somewhere. There a still a few accidents here and there... none out of the home though!

Cy is so big he ate an apple all by himself! And then threw out the core when he was finished. He can also blow his own nose and get himself dressed! Everyday there is a new skill that he is perfecting. It's all happening so fast. Before I know it he is going to be a teenager! I hope not!

Ter can say bye-bye. He is very camera shy so I can't catch him on film but I will try more tomorrow. He also says nite-nite. He walks everywhere and carries a ton of stuff with him. He can stand up with no help. Almost old enough to walk outside if there was not 1.5 feet of snow!

Tomorrow is the start of another year and I need to make my resolutions!

Wednesday, December 29

Crafty Goodness

The sweater that I was trying to finish for Q I DID finish! It just fits a 300 lb man so I need to block it. I have never blocked anything before but I am very willing to try. I think I may do it tomorrow. I also finished a christmas ball for the tree too! Although after christmas but still finished and our tree is still up! How long do you keep your tree up? Our's is fake so I usually get sick of it by the end of January and finally take it down.

I started a little knitted project for our new nephew Dylan but I cannot reveal until I ship it in case the parents see my blog!

We have been very busy here playing with our new Christmas presents. Cy loves his Alfie Robot from Auntie Kim and Uncle Devon. His new car tracks also gets a ton of attention. Ter loves his new toys but a few wooden puzzle pieces in a cup was his favorite toy today. Such is the life of a 1 yr old!

It snowed about 1.5 feet today and was very cold -24 Celsius so w did not venture out into the world.

Q applied for a new job at a huge company and it is looking good. He just needs to pass the fitness test then he pretty much has the job! I am so excited for him. We may move to Calgary or Cochrane for it if it is long term. Plus the company has a ton of benefits too!

Whats everyone doing for new year's? It looks like we are going to see TRON in 3D!

Sunday, December 26

cy "santa chocolate says ... eat my sandwiche" ( to get the chocolate... hehehehehe out of the moths of babes!

Friday, December 17

never underestimate the power of a sheet tunnel for toddlers, excessive amounts of gigling comming from the tunnel and it gives mom a moment to play on the internet :)
F#&**!!! phone! My cell just erased a message that cy send me for my birthday back in june. I had been saving it until i could figure out a way to save it on the computer! Now it's gone! :( It said "happy birthday mama" in the cutest voice I have ever heard. I HATE my phone!

Wednesday, December 15

Today the boys found some bouncy balls. They were way too small for Teris but he had a blast so I kept an eye on him. After he figured out how to bounce them the fun began. Cy and Ter passed the balls back and foth and threw them all over the house for over an hour!

Ever since Ter started to walk a few weeks ago he has been walking more and more each day. Now he walks all over the house. It's so cute to see such a little guy (17 .2 lbs) walking. He is still wearing 3 month pants because his legs are so little!

These days Cy is into racing for anything. If I challenge him to a race then all the toys get cleaned up without a fight. This works well for getting dressed to go out too. We have been racing his friend Bailey all week to get dressed faster after playgroup.

After I finished doing the dishes Cy asked for some water to play with. I gave him bubbles and a few kitchen toys and he played in the sink for an hour. If only I could get him toactually clean the dishes too!

We had an impromtu dance party in the kitchen to christmas music.

After realizing that Cy had been quiet for a while I went to check on him and found him "reading" to himself on the couch... I see a glimps into his future!

Tuesday, December 14

cookie break

freak storm

Today we all went to the library where it was a very quiet day. Only a few kids there but they were the regulars that Cy normally plays with. They always play hide and seek and its the best time watching them count and giggle when they find each other. There is always a craft at the library and this time they made paper chains. Red and Green of course with sparkles. Everything is better with sparkles!

Ter has been really gassy the last couple of days and I thought it was because I had beans for lunch. It turns out that his first molar is comming in! His poor gum is all bloody and sore looking. I hate for him to be in so much pain... we do love our baby Tempura. The last few days he has been up alot at night so this makes mama a very tired mama.

When we got home from the library a crazy storm blew in. The wind was horizontal and there was snow too! I was worried about when Q drove home but the storm blew itself out in about an hour. It made me very happy to have a working furnace.

Ter was all worn out from the library. He fell asleep on the way home and slept for almost 3 hrs! This gave Cy and I time to make playdough. Here's the best recipe ever!We added sparkles and green coloring. I even added vanilla to make it smell good! Cy made cookies and spaghetti when he used the garlic press. We played with the playdough for an hour and a half! We even made a past a guy out of a meatball and spaghetti hair.

We also had the best fruit for lunch. I thawed some fruit then sprinkled cinnamon and sugar on it. It was the best. I ate mine with vanilla yogurt and it tasted like dessert.

Monday, December 13

Boyz before party

cy's lady
bean bag baby

winding up
kitty torture
mega mega house (cy named it)
cy's car he made
cuddle boyz between parties
santa ter
santa cy
crazy people

winter nature table

Saturday was the church run Christmas party for the kids. All the kids had a blast. There was duck, duck, goose. Cy doesn't know how to play but he had a lot of fun just running around the circle. Then they all made pipe cleaner Christmas tree ornaments for the tree. Cy picked up some older women that helped him to make his. He got the ladies to do the whole tree practicly for him. They were teenagers and he is a blond cutie... what more can I say? Then the kids listened to the nativity story and Cy got to open the baby Jesus. Then it was cookie decorating time which was very hard for Cy because the cookies had eggs (allergic) and he did not understand to decorate and not eat. After a brief breakdown, Jill gave a candy cane and it was all good. Thanks guys for hosting such a fun party! Q was talking to a man that wants one of Q's homemade skateboards for a raffle!

Sunday was the Exshaw Legion party with Santa. Cy got a Thomas the Train DVD and Ter got a musical box toy. We had a great time catching up with friends that we have not seen for a while. After the party the baby slept for an hour then it was off for a surprise form daddy.

He took us to Cochrane to a huge sledding hill. The first time for both the boys. After a too fast hill for Cy he stuck to sliding on his bum. Ter loved to go fast! It was so fast that I screamed a few times myself. Shhhhh don't tell anyone. After sledding we went to a Chinese food buffet that was awesome. They even had crab legs and roast beef and all the food was great. As usual Ter ate double what Cy ate. Cy filled up on jello and fruit at the end anyway. A great way to end a very busy weekend!

Today it was so warm out that the boys and I spend 1.5 hr outside before lunch. We went to the park around the corner where there is a great ice rink. Cy and I slid around shooting pucks into the net. He cannot wait till he gets skates. I think GG is getting some for Christmas and I can't wait until he gets some too! Ter crawled around and got a few rids on a chair that I pushed him on. After a few swings and a few slides we took the dogs for a good walk before lunch. Oh and at the park there was the leg of an animal, just the leg and still covered with hair.... ewwww!

We rushed home for lunch and then off to play group. Cy had a ton of fun with Bailey, and Matis. They are all very close in age. Ter jumped right in with the big kids and played his heart out. Cy got a bit crazy when it was time to leave so after I wrangled him into the stroller he threw out his hat and mitts in a fit. I just left them there and walked away, he had cold hands all the way home. (Marie picked them up and is bringing them to play group next week) this way cy can learn some natural consequences.

We had Spanish pork for dinner. I read the boys a curious George counting book. Cy points at the pictures and counts so Ter tried to do it too! It was so cute. In the bath he tried to fill a tub with his scoop also just like Cy.... I see a pattern here!

That is my catchup! I hate missing blog days because I can't remember what we did on Friday... a complete blank!
all done!