Wednesday, December 1

Rub My belly!
Last night Cy helped me to do this christmas craft. I was lucky to have all the supplies already! I found the idea in the Better Homes and Gardens Creative Collection Holiday Crafts magazine. The site I'm loving this magazine. It's full of cute, simple, colorful crafts. I can't wait to do another. I just have to choose which one to do first.... so many to choose!
Good Morning Mama, do you HAVE to use the flash?
Yesterday Fringe Season 2 came in to me at the library. With our library system I can order any book or dvd from anywhere in Alberta. This pretty much guarantees that I can find anything! I stayed up to 1:30am last night watching Fringe. I am loving the new season. It's kind of like X-Files with a new age feel. While I was up so late I worked on Q's Christmas sweater. I finished the arms and am now just stitching them up! I started the sweater in 2009 so it's been a long time coming!
This is our advent calendar that I found at the Christmas Store in Banff. It's a metal one and the little square is a magnet. You just move it over the number you are at. I love it... so simple and elegant looking!
Waiting for pancakes yesterday
The boys waiting for their smiley face pancakes! (the pancake's mother thinks he's cute)

Yesterday Ter said "night, night" as clear a day! Pretty much everyday now he is saying a new word or learning a new skill! It's crazy to think that in the second year of life your baby goes from a crawling, drooling infant to a walking and talking toddler! They really do grow up too fast! No to all you people out there that think we should have 3, this does not mean we are thinking about another. We are just fine thank you very much.

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