Thursday, December 9

the helicopter and hubby!
GG Pile

I see you mama!
Our Cross potato!

Yesterday was a crazy and busy day. In the morning we went to playgroup where cy made a Santa craft. It was gluing pieces on a paper plate to make a Santa. Usually I help him put all the pieces on but this time I just stood back. It was way more fun to see what he did when he did it all by himself. This guy reminds me of that hat man from South Park. Ter fell asleep right when we got home from play group because he was so tired from all the activity.

Later I did laundry with cy and he helped me by matching all the socks together. Soon he will be able to do all the laundry.... ok so not for a few years (or 10) but eventually.

Both the boys were so tired yesterday that it seemed like every time I turned around they were injuring themselves on something else! We have at least 5 good bruises on both of them from yesterday alone. I need a padded house for tired days. I really want to try to get the house super baby proofed so that the boys can explore almost everything without the boys or other stuff being in danger of getting broken.

Later GG came over for dinner and I made potato skins. Cy helped me wash the potatoes and wrap them in tinfoil. He even stabbed them all with a fork for me! He loves to bake and cook with me!

Today I sold our Wallies on kijiji so we drove to town to meet up with the buyer. Last week I sold all my Scrubs DVD'ds. I am on a selling spree. We have so much stuff in our house that we do not use and I love selling them and seeing our bank account go up. It's a total rush!

Cy and I played a matching game with our go fish cards. Then we played go fish. Each about 100 times. He loves to match. Later I pulled out an old pop bottle that I drilled a hole in the top so q-tips could be put in. A fine motor skill game for cy. Ter was doing it with us tonight and he is really good at it. Cy mastered it ages ago but I though Ter was still too young.

We are off to a Christmas party tomorrow and I can't wait, it will be so much fun!

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