Wednesday, December 8

l luv u cookie i made for q last night

da boyz r in da house
all done
art in progress
below are all pics of the decorated areas of our house.. the best its even been and not even close to being completed!

Cy, Ter and I went to Auntie Sam's house to have a cookie decorating party. It twas so much fun. There were about 6 bigger kids Cy's age and 4 little guys Ter's age so they both had some great friends to play with. Cy decorated 6 cookies that made it home to daddy. A few got icing on them and then they disappeared down to him tummy. Then he found the m&m bowl. After I told him no more m&m's so some of the other kids could have some he had a fit. A mouthful of 6 m&m's dripping down his chin while he mourned for the future ones he could never have... So cute but so sad. Cy also gave an impromptu yoga class to the kids. Both the boys were so good at sharing toys and being happy even after so much crazy and lack of sleep. Cy didn't even sleep on the way home... he just talked about how he wanted to marry Danica. One of the little ladies at the party.

Later I told cy that I didn't want to hear any more wining from him... he said " I want to wine out!" he he he he he he

Lately Ter and Cy play catch in the kitchen with balls that they roll back and forth to each other. They both end up in fits of giggling and I can't help but smile.

Q read Cy his bedtime book tonight about a farm. He made the best animal noises, I love to see when they are binding. It makes me all warm and fuzzy inside.

Ter gets into everything.. when you say no and go toward him he giggles and tries to run away. Good thing he can't walk very well yet.

Cy helped me put the tree together yesterday. We have a fake tree and each level is color coded. I remember that last year cy helped but he was just learning his colors so he had some trouble. This year he brought me all the right colors and even put in a few himself! What a change. Also he was able to put the decorations on all by himself! He's getting so big and it all seems to be going so fast. He is out of diapers most of the time now too! Wow... my boys r growing up!

Ter has crying jags on the floor laying on his tummy. It' s mostly fake but all so cute. It's the end of the world. He also says mama really well now, almost all the time when he wants me. And Dada too! He also understands so much, he shakes his head no when he is finished eating and we are working on "more" and "all done" my 13 month old and my 38 months old. Its seems so crazy to say that. No more babies for us.. I am pretty sure but never positive cause you just never know... they also love jumping on the bed together, ter is trying so hard to learn to jump! Ter loves to stick out his tongue.. it's so long and as long as you keep yours out he will too!

I want to blog every day and record all the little milestones that I notice so I never forget. There are so many little ones every day that next year or even next week I will have forgotten. The days are long but the years are short. That's what my mother told me and boy was she right! I was saying how old my babies are getting and she said "yeah I know, my baby's 27" wow!

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The Kraus House said...

Danika was talking about marrying Cyrus too. I'll warn you though, she's a little fickle :)