Wednesday, December 29

Crafty Goodness

The sweater that I was trying to finish for Q I DID finish! It just fits a 300 lb man so I need to block it. I have never blocked anything before but I am very willing to try. I think I may do it tomorrow. I also finished a christmas ball for the tree too! Although after christmas but still finished and our tree is still up! How long do you keep your tree up? Our's is fake so I usually get sick of it by the end of January and finally take it down.

I started a little knitted project for our new nephew Dylan but I cannot reveal until I ship it in case the parents see my blog!

We have been very busy here playing with our new Christmas presents. Cy loves his Alfie Robot from Auntie Kim and Uncle Devon. His new car tracks also gets a ton of attention. Ter loves his new toys but a few wooden puzzle pieces in a cup was his favorite toy today. Such is the life of a 1 yr old!

It snowed about 1.5 feet today and was very cold -24 Celsius so w did not venture out into the world.

Q applied for a new job at a huge company and it is looking good. He just needs to pass the fitness test then he pretty much has the job! I am so excited for him. We may move to Calgary or Cochrane for it if it is long term. Plus the company has a ton of benefits too!

Whats everyone doing for new year's? It looks like we are going to see TRON in 3D!

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