Wednesday, December 1

A beautiful morning! After our circle time from Little Acorn Learning December Childcare Guide. We went out for a nature walk so we decided to see what the river does in the winter. Almost right away Cy spotted a white hare in the trees. I still can't believe that he spotted it! Then we saw the frozen river so Cy threw rocks to see which one would slide the farthest. Ter wished that he could walk in his snowsuit.

The dogs had a great time and Cynda even has started to run around like a normal dog. She jumps on me and gives me hugs... when she does that Cynda is taller then me. Good thing she is so gentle.

We spotted these on the way home and found they were from a Fisher! Not seen this side of the BC border in a really long time!

This was our fall nature table in all its glory. Our first experience with nature tables and Cy and I both had a ball finding treasures to add to it. Also creating art work to complement. Today we dismantled our fall table to use the parts to decorate our first Advent Wreath!

After we decorated our wreath we started on some "snow balls" for our winter nature table.

Cy made his snow balls himself! He did all the wrapping of the wool and I just cut it. He even pressed his finger to hold the knot well I tied off the balls! We found a great tutorial here
Cy named the poms, green=daddy, muti= mama, white=cy, purple=ter, a family of poms!

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