Friday, December 3

So yesterday i was wayyyy too tired to do a post. Mostly because I have been staying up until 2 am knitting and watching Fringe. If you have not seen this show, run, don't walk , to your favorite movie store and rent the first season RIGHT NOW! It's that good! I attached the sleeves to Q's sweater and I am now working on the yoke. This is my first sweater with a yoke so I don't really know what I am doing. Lucky for me the internet has ons of sites that help knitters with everything that they might need to know. I even found a site with a follow along tutorial showing how to attach the sleeves when knitting in the round. I can see the end of the sweater!

We went to play group yesterday and it was great. It's been a while and I really missed chatting to my ladies. Cy had a ball and so did ter. After lunch ter fell asleep in about 2 minutes cause he was so tired from playing.

The rest of the day was spent just relaxing and catching up on housework. And a few chocolate cookies too!

Today Cy and i started our Winter nature table. It looks really good already. I made a snowflake garland from old magazines. A craft i have been dying to try.

I made a yummy black bean lasagnea for dinner and now its time for bed! Ya weekend tomorrow!

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