Thursday, December 30


Cy, Ter and I had a great day. Now that Ter is sleeping better after I give him Advil, Oragel, and Tylenol, we are all getting more sleep = a happier family. Everyone knows that when Mama's Happy everyone's happy! :)

Our days are filled with running back and forth between all the new toys the boys recieved for Christmas. I am even loving them! I bought the boys huge bouncy balls so they both could use them with no fear of Ter swallowing one. The balls are a huge hit! They play for hours tossing them through the kitchen when I am doing the dishes or making meals. It's chaos but organized chaos!

We made our first trip to the grocery store with Cy having NO DIAPER! It went great. He peed when we got there and made it all the way home. He even fell asleep in the car and did not wet his pants! I am so proud. We pretty much only use diapers when we are going somewhere. There a still a few accidents here and there... none out of the home though!

Cy is so big he ate an apple all by himself! And then threw out the core when he was finished. He can also blow his own nose and get himself dressed! Everyday there is a new skill that he is perfecting. It's all happening so fast. Before I know it he is going to be a teenager! I hope not!

Ter can say bye-bye. He is very camera shy so I can't catch him on film but I will try more tomorrow. He also says nite-nite. He walks everywhere and carries a ton of stuff with him. He can stand up with no help. Almost old enough to walk outside if there was not 1.5 feet of snow!

Tomorrow is the start of another year and I need to make my resolutions!

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