Wednesday, December 15

Today the boys found some bouncy balls. They were way too small for Teris but he had a blast so I kept an eye on him. After he figured out how to bounce them the fun began. Cy and Ter passed the balls back and foth and threw them all over the house for over an hour!

Ever since Ter started to walk a few weeks ago he has been walking more and more each day. Now he walks all over the house. It's so cute to see such a little guy (17 .2 lbs) walking. He is still wearing 3 month pants because his legs are so little!

These days Cy is into racing for anything. If I challenge him to a race then all the toys get cleaned up without a fight. This works well for getting dressed to go out too. We have been racing his friend Bailey all week to get dressed faster after playgroup.

After I finished doing the dishes Cy asked for some water to play with. I gave him bubbles and a few kitchen toys and he played in the sink for an hour. If only I could get him toactually clean the dishes too!

We had an impromtu dance party in the kitchen to christmas music.

After realizing that Cy had been quiet for a while I went to check on him and found him "reading" to himself on the couch... I see a glimps into his future!

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