Tuesday, December 14

cookie break

freak storm

Today we all went to the library where it was a very quiet day. Only a few kids there but they were the regulars that Cy normally plays with. They always play hide and seek and its the best time watching them count and giggle when they find each other. There is always a craft at the library and this time they made paper chains. Red and Green of course with sparkles. Everything is better with sparkles!

Ter has been really gassy the last couple of days and I thought it was because I had beans for lunch. It turns out that his first molar is comming in! His poor gum is all bloody and sore looking. I hate for him to be in so much pain... we do love our baby Tempura. The last few days he has been up alot at night so this makes mama a very tired mama.

When we got home from the library a crazy storm blew in. The wind was horizontal and there was snow too! I was worried about when Q drove home but the storm blew itself out in about an hour. It made me very happy to have a working furnace.

Ter was all worn out from the library. He fell asleep on the way home and slept for almost 3 hrs! This gave Cy and I time to make playdough. Here's the best recipe ever!We added sparkles and green coloring. I even added vanilla to make it smell good! Cy made cookies and spaghetti when he used the garlic press. We played with the playdough for an hour and a half! We even made a past a guy out of a meatball and spaghetti hair.

We also had the best fruit for lunch. I thawed some fruit then sprinkled cinnamon and sugar on it. It was the best. I ate mine with vanilla yogurt and it tasted like dessert.

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