Tuesday, January 28

Meal Plan Jan 28-Feb 3

Sweet and Sour Pork and fried rice

Cornmeal muffins, sausages, apple

Homemade pizza and salad

Orange glazed carrots, elk slow cooker stroganoff

Tatertot cassarole and mixed veggies


To make this week:
Pancake mix
Frozen Buscuits
Pizza Dough
Cheerio krispie squares

Tuesday, January 21

Meal Plan January 20-26

Spaghetti and tomato sauce, garlic bread

Sticky meatballs, rice and vegetables

Chickpea Curry, and Pumpkin cornbread-

Will update later tonight with the rest of the meals

Sunday, January 19

The end of the week!

Had a good week, no yelling was done around the house.. gorilla was sleeping...until the weekend.

It seems that the kids were tired maybe from the week so worn out by the weekend at not happy to listen at all.

Other then that we had a good week.

Took the boys sledding on tuesday, went for a walk/park on thursday.  Then we had swimming lessons on sat and a x-country ski on sunday.  We were able to finish a whole loop at the troll falls area, not the same trail as last time but this one had better tracks cut in. Better ; read (any)

I started my excel course for Accounting Applications Certificate this week, I am already half way through.
I use it at work all the time so I am very familiar with the whole system, but the course is teaching me a few tips and tricks.  Then after this one I only have Simply Accounting, and Budgets and Reports.  So close to being finished, yay!

Cy has gone x-country skiing the past 2 weeks at school and he is loving it.  Teris is finishing his last week at Debbie's daycare.  Next week he will start the Mountain Munchkins daycare full time.  This is the last year then he will be in school full time, means next year no daycare!  Just for the summer/spring etc.

I was able to get Cy into the Canmore Daycare school break program, I am so excited that the boys with have guaranteed daycare until they no longer need it.

Time to eat some cake and sleep.

Check back tomorrow for this weeks menu plan.

Monday, January 13

Gorilla is Sleeping

Today I earned my first start sticker!  No yelling at the kids and I feel so good for it!

The kids are happier and I am happier and calmer.

Sunday, January 12

Meal Plan Jan 13-19

Taco Salad- from last week meal plan * need to make salsa*

Chickpea Curry and pumpkin cornbread- also from last week *need to make cornbread*

Grilled Cheese and Slow Cooker Tomato Soup

Krispie fish, bread and butter and orange

Shake and Bake Pork, salad and bread

Sticky Meatballs, rice and steamed vegetables

Yum, can't wait to try everything.

What are you eating this week?

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Last Weeks Meal Plan

Forgot to post last weeks meal plan.. here it is:

Taco Salad- didn't eat yet

Chick Pea Curry and rice- forgot to buy tomato sauce

Sausage and veggies and rice-yum, and simple

Leftovers- done

Pumpkin Pancakes and bacon- ate for breakfast

We ended up haveing pizza and veg for 2 nights this week because I had bad flu.  Ate a bunch of leftovers and quick food.  Nothing more then we had already bought though, so kind of stuck to the food budget.

My Gorilla is out!

We made a vow 2 days ago not to yell at the kids anymore.
Getting my idea from the ORANGE RHINO blog, we vowed to not yell at the kids for a year.

We started yesterday, Day 1...lasted until about 3 pm when the kids and I were waiting in the car for Daddy to come back (who took a while), we were all hungry and I had the beginning of PMS.  Which meant that I was not pregnant (again!).  The kids were getting rowdy and whiny in the car, and I yelled.  I apologized right after but felt so bad.  It was the way I was feeling, the stress and the disappointment that led to that outburst, not actually what the kids were doing.

Then today we started day 1 again.  Had an awesome day.  Slept in until 10!  Yay, my cold is almost gone....took the boys x-country skiing at Troll Falls.  They both did great on their big boy x-country skis.  I was so proud of them... then we ate an awesome dinner (i made).  Just hanging out watching AFV with a lovely fir burning, when Cy goofed and knocked the laptop off the table.  I yelled.. made it until 7:30pm.... not bad.  Not great.

Not yelling at the kids is HARD!  Wow, I wish I was one of those soft spoken mom's who sounds all gently and cheerful.... but I usually shriek instead.  My inner Shrek comes out.

Tomorrow I will restart my day 1, and maybe I will actually get that star sticker (yep I bought some)

Until tomorrow.. I channel my inner YOGI...OM....AM CALM......

Saturday, January 4

Meal Plan for a Pantry Clean Up

This week the first week of Jan, after the gluttony of Christmas season.
By gluttony I am referring to my budget (mostly).

So for the month of January we decided to do a challenge of no spending other then groceries, and gas.  Also for the groceries we usually spend about $150 a week, we are trying to eat out of the freezer and pantry... therefore saving money on groceries too!

Here is my Meal Plan for this week- Items in GREEN are links to recipes, RED are pantry items used

Sunday: Black bean lasagna, salad- blk beans, noodles, cheese, sauce

Monday: Sweet & Sour Pulled Pork Sandwiches, green beans-

Tuesday: Butternut Squash Soup and grilled cheese- butternut squash, veggie broth

Wednesday: Elk Roast, Mashed Potatoes, and veggies-potatoes leftover from x-mas,elk freezer

Thursday: Leftovers

Friday:  Elk/Pork fajitas-elk from roast, pork from Monday

Saturday: Rice, sausage, and veggies- all freezer and pantry

Sunday: Not sure yet...