Sunday, January 12

My Gorilla is out!

We made a vow 2 days ago not to yell at the kids anymore.
Getting my idea from the ORANGE RHINO blog, we vowed to not yell at the kids for a year.

We started yesterday, Day 1...lasted until about 3 pm when the kids and I were waiting in the car for Daddy to come back (who took a while), we were all hungry and I had the beginning of PMS.  Which meant that I was not pregnant (again!).  The kids were getting rowdy and whiny in the car, and I yelled.  I apologized right after but felt so bad.  It was the way I was feeling, the stress and the disappointment that led to that outburst, not actually what the kids were doing.

Then today we started day 1 again.  Had an awesome day.  Slept in until 10!  Yay, my cold is almost gone....took the boys x-country skiing at Troll Falls.  They both did great on their big boy x-country skis.  I was so proud of them... then we ate an awesome dinner (i made).  Just hanging out watching AFV with a lovely fir burning, when Cy goofed and knocked the laptop off the table.  I yelled.. made it until 7:30pm.... not bad.  Not great.

Not yelling at the kids is HARD!  Wow, I wish I was one of those soft spoken mom's who sounds all gently and cheerful.... but I usually shriek instead.  My inner Shrek comes out.

Tomorrow I will restart my day 1, and maybe I will actually get that star sticker (yep I bought some)

Until tomorrow.. I channel my inner YOGI...OM....AM CALM......

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