Sunday, January 19

The end of the week!

Had a good week, no yelling was done around the house.. gorilla was sleeping...until the weekend.

It seems that the kids were tired maybe from the week so worn out by the weekend at not happy to listen at all.

Other then that we had a good week.

Took the boys sledding on tuesday, went for a walk/park on thursday.  Then we had swimming lessons on sat and a x-country ski on sunday.  We were able to finish a whole loop at the troll falls area, not the same trail as last time but this one had better tracks cut in. Better ; read (any)

I started my excel course for Accounting Applications Certificate this week, I am already half way through.
I use it at work all the time so I am very familiar with the whole system, but the course is teaching me a few tips and tricks.  Then after this one I only have Simply Accounting, and Budgets and Reports.  So close to being finished, yay!

Cy has gone x-country skiing the past 2 weeks at school and he is loving it.  Teris is finishing his last week at Debbie's daycare.  Next week he will start the Mountain Munchkins daycare full time.  This is the last year then he will be in school full time, means next year no daycare!  Just for the summer/spring etc.

I was able to get Cy into the Canmore Daycare school break program, I am so excited that the boys with have guaranteed daycare until they no longer need it.

Time to eat some cake and sleep.

Check back tomorrow for this weeks menu plan.

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