Sunday, February 4

January 2018 Budget/ Debt Update

I am so happy to announce that we were able to put a whopping $ 4597 towards our debt in January.

It seemed almost like it came easy, although this is just that start. Budgeting this month was a challenge.  Sometimes I feel like the bad guy, since I end up saying "it's not in the budget" all of the time.  With both the boys and my husband.  I say it so much in fact that my son asked if we were poor!

I explained to him that we are in fact not poor, but we own a lot of money and we want to pay it off.  In order to do that we have to stick to the budget so that later, all of the money that we bring in will be ours, not to the bank.

I find it challenging to stick to the budget sometimes, almost like you get in the mood to spend... It's so easy to blow money quickly when you at the store, or hungry, or even just sad.  I am trying really hard to keep the debt in the forefront of my mind so that I can make sure I keep my priorities on top.

We were able to pay off so much towards that debt this month because we sold my husband's truck.  I feel bad since he loved that truck, but since we each also have a car, and our camping van.  The truck was just sitting, not being used.  IT made the most sense to sell the truck, the amount of cash it took to keep it filled with gas is double what either of the cars required.

For January, the daycare did not cash our check yet, and the motorbike insurance is due.  This means we will be paying $1400 in daycare and $400 in insurance.  Making this month a bit more tight... not so much towards debt, but if we stay in the red then we are winning!

What are your biggest expenses this month?  Do you have unexpected things that you forgot about?  What do you spend the most money on?

Friday, January 26

Yarn Along

It has been so long since I have created one of these posts, or any post for that matter!

Luckily The Small Things Blog has just started this back up as well!

I find that its hard to fit in my knitting into my busy days filled with work and 2 little boys that are getting bigger all the time!  Next year they will both be in middle school EEEk!

I started this grey knit hat for myself ages ago, hoping to be able to get it done within a month or so, since the days have been so cold lately.

The book is obsession falls, a mystery adventure with a touch of romance!

Just the type of book that mama needs to dig into at the end of busy days.

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Down with Debt

This year we have decided to get rid of our debt!  We have carried it for far too long!

I hate to admit it, but starting this month we had $57571.80 worth of debt.

Our goal is to pay off $14,000 this year.

We will be doing this through sticking to our budget, selling items we are not using, and saving money in every way possible!

Stay tuned to find out how we are doing this, hopefully we can get to this goal together!

We want to be debt free in 3.5 years!

So far we have paid off $5500 this month!

Tuesday, April 12

Mec 10 k

Last Saturday I completed the MEC #2 race- 10km.  I completed the race in 1:10.  This time was awesome!  Almost my best time.  This race had 124 meter gain up the hill, then 70 km winds at the top and back down.  I had a wicked negative splits for my time!  I actually really enjoyed this race.

My sister completed the race as well.  I did nit run much with L though as she is still getting back into training after a few injuries.

I have been struggling this week with weights and running.  Trying to find the energy to do weights as well as running is always hard for me.  Last year when I was training for my half marathon I fell off the weights wagon.  My legs were not as strong as they should have been.

I am trying to find a balance to do both.  I have become bored with my current weights routine.  Today I did a Zuzka ZWOW HIIT workout.  IT felt really good!

I may do Hiit once a week and 2 full body weight workouts are what I am looking at.  Or possibly 2 upper body weights and 1 lower body weights.

Do you run and lift... how do you balance it?