Monday, May 30

Cy's Big Boo Boo

Yesterday I finished my First Aid, CPR course and passed with flying colors. 99%
I was hoping not to have to use my experties for a while but fate would have other plans.

While Cy was jumping around the living room he hit his head on the tv and got a gaping wound. Yay for first aid, off to the hospital we go! After 3 hrs of waiting his head was glued together in all of 5 min! But no stitches yay!

A very brave boy. That's his Kung Fu Panda bandage

Friday, May 27

Week 2 pics and stats

Weight:? need a scale
Belly(button):32 3/4
A total of 3.25 inches off!

Week 1: Fitness Overhaul

This past week was week 1 of my plan to get rid of my pesky luv handles and get a 6 pack!

I am doing workouts 5 days a week
I am following the ABS DIET philosophy

These are my pics from last week May 20 which was my first day

Here are my stats:

Weight: 119.5lbs
Waist: 27.5
Belly (button):33.5
R thigh: 21
L thigh: 22
L arm:10
R arm: 10

May 20, 2011 Hot Attack Workout

May 21, 2011-OFF

May 22, 2011- Dirty Bit Workout

May 23, 2011- Best 4 min workout

May 24, 2011- Run the World Workout

May 25, 2011-OFF

May 26, 2011-104 squats- 8:04min

May 27, 2011-Abs Now! Workout- reps 30-19:28min

Sunday, May 1

All alone bath time for T! Spaghetti face. Big brother fell asleep on the way home from Exshaw. I carried him to bed at 6:30pm and asleep he went. T had a whole evening on his own. That's what happens to boys after spending a whole day outside in the garden and running around the yard after balls. Even Q and I are pooped! I am planning to go to bed early so I can get up early when Cy does.