Friday, May 27

Week 1: Fitness Overhaul

This past week was week 1 of my plan to get rid of my pesky luv handles and get a 6 pack!

I am doing workouts 5 days a week
I am following the ABS DIET philosophy

These are my pics from last week May 20 which was my first day

Here are my stats:

Weight: 119.5lbs
Waist: 27.5
Belly (button):33.5
R thigh: 21
L thigh: 22
L arm:10
R arm: 10

May 20, 2011 Hot Attack Workout

May 21, 2011-OFF

May 22, 2011- Dirty Bit Workout

May 23, 2011- Best 4 min workout

May 24, 2011- Run the World Workout

May 25, 2011-OFF

May 26, 2011-104 squats- 8:04min

May 27, 2011-Abs Now! Workout- reps 30-19:28min

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