Monday, August 11

Meal Plan Monday

Monday: Cheesy Mexi Rice- I did a variation, adding beans and less corn, in the oven now hope its good!

Tuesday: Zucchini Lasagnea - So much zucchinin so little time!

Wednesday:Roasted Pork and Brocolli

Thursday:  Samosa's and Sausage with Peas

Friday: Steak and breaded Zucchini

Baking This week:  Zucchini Bread,

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Friday, August 8

July Came and Went

I sit here in August wondering exactly where July went.  I had a ton of fun in July.  We took a huge trip to the coast.  Camping for 2 days.  To me it still seems that July has slipped through my fingers.

I believe my main reason for this is that now it is August.  Les then a month until school starts... the weather starts to get colder.  I am not ready!

Time to start fresh.  We are looking to relocate, this move is still about a year in the making... a dream.

I hope to be closer to the ocean and have a more affordable life for our kids.

We are very tight with the budget in the very large financial bubble location that we live in.  I am not willing to continue on the same path just to be here.

Now is the time to take steps towards a better life.... I cannot start.

I am so impatient, I try not to ne but its so hard when you can almost taste a change.

Step by step we will get there!