Sunday, March 30

Snow day in March

Today I was going to work in the yard a bit and on the garden but the weather gods had other ideas. Snow, snow and more snow. Almost 1/2 a foot here in our small little town. Makes for a beautiful quiet walk with the dogs and baby though. Seems noone else felt the same way, since I did not see anyone on my walk at all.
Watched the hockey game tonight. Battle of alberta Calgary Flames versus Edmonton Oilers. Oilers won this one but Calgary will come back next time, I hope. Baby watched and had alot of fun with grandpa and grandma. Grandma bought Baby a boobah. A little character that apparently has a t.v show. Very cute though, baby has a book at home where they dance around, soon he will be able to dance along. He is able to hold himself up holding your hands or on a table. Also he is really trying to crawl and is starting to get really frustrated when he is on tummy time because he wants to move but he is unable to crawl. Soon! I can't wait, I believe that it will be so cute.

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