Saturday, March 22

10 Great Things of Today

1. Family get togethers.
Easter big family get togethers. My husband, baby and I. My parents. My thee sistes, one's husband and baby. My brother and his girlfriend. My aunt and uncle from Australia and various pets!

2. Morning coffee with cinnamon. Yum!
The best way to have coffee, nothing beats that first cup in the morning with the hint of cinnamon yummy! We picked this tip up from a coffee shop in Jasper, Alberta on a climbing trip.

3. Girly bonding. Shopping with my three sisters and the babies in banff.

4. Flames Hockey. Game against Minnesota, Flames ahead so far, maby the playoffs this year, another reason for big get togethers.

5. Baby wearing/cuddling. Nothing beats the cuddle wrap, cozy baby with hands free, almost!

6. Gifts from sisters. One sister bought my gas after we talked about my lack of excess funds.

7. New mommy life talks. Talking to sister and finding out everything we go through is the same, so avice goes back and forth

8. Thai chicken bites. Yumy from boston pizza, they make my noes sweat but I love them

9. Cuddling with husbands. He became my chair for the hocky game, he smells great, and you can't help but kiss when you are that close, reminds me of our many cuddles before baby.

10. Motor bikes that run! Husbands bike 1970 that he bought 2 years ago, he got it running finally all by himself, that's awsome. I am so proud that he is very mechanically inclined!

Looking at the upside of life!

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