Friday, April 5

Locked In

Today I had a dentist appt to fill 3 cavities.  Hate the dentist but a new Dentist bought my old dentists practice and I really like her.  She was very nice and gentle.  Only 1 needle, it only took 5 hrs for the freezing to wear off.... but at least my eye ball didn't freeze this time.... yep that does happen.

Then we went to Calgary to pick up Q's bike,  he really missed it.. like his right arm.  Every time a bike drove by he pointed it out and got a pouty lip. He he he :)

We stopped at a park in Cochrane on the way home... we are often in a rush when we go to the city and the boys get ancy and tired of being in the car.. but we often run out of time before we take them to a park or walk.  Today we promised we would hit a park and we went to the one that we always see from the road.  It's a really big one with so many parts to climb on and play with.  A few little boy (10) were checking out Q's bike and dreaming of their own.

I ran into the knitting store before they closed to pick up some needles for the socks I started knitting from THIS.  The knitting goodies were in the basement and the lady almost locked me in before they closed.... not like I would mind, the store was a knitting candy store!  Beautiful colors and so many pretty patterns to choose from...

Tonight I will be eating bagels and working on my first pair of socks... then getting some well earned sleep!

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