Friday, September 11

Desperate Times call for Desperate measures

For the last 2 days Cy has not napped for longer then 30 minutes. Also he has woken up at night for an average of 4 times a night for the past week. So today when he woke up from napping for half and hour I crawled my 7.5 month pregnant self into his crib and napped with him!
I was almost unable to get out of the crib after!

On another note Q and I went out for our anniversary last night. Auntie Kate came to baby sit. We went to Tony Roma's and then to a movie. But first we visited the location of our wedding 4 years before. I was great, a really nice night to hang out and relax. I look foreward to the next 60 years with my hubby! I love you infinity Q.

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