Sunday, September 13

Q's Run

I just got in at work after seeing Q off at his 10k. This is the Cause Canada Race we do every year cause the first one we did was on our anniversary. This is the first 10k for Q. I wish him luck and a good run. The weather is great for running, a little cool but with the promise of sun and warm later on. I wish I could run too ut being 8 months pregnant would make me take forever to finish if that would even be possible. So I am waiting here at work for when he comes by later to tell me how he did and to give him his congragulatory kiss. (I did not spell that right)
His goal is 45 min. I think he can definately do it in that time or less, he is a very fast runner. 6 foot 3 gives him very long legs. GO Q GO!

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