Sunday, March 21

Little Enviro

Cy and I just got back from a great walk that took us all around the hamlet and with a play at the park.  Today I showed him that picking up garbage when you are outside is good for the environment and makes us feel good too.

I was out today meeting a friend for coffee, I spent my time waiting looking through the bookstore.  Bookstores to me are like candy shops.  I saw the book "Sleeping naked is green"  It inspired me to pick up garbage on my walk with cy.  I went home and ordered the book through our library...Can't wait for it to come!  I LOVE the library.  

Earlier today I got really crafty and cut up two of my hubby's t-shirts and sewed them into a baby sling.  I am happy to report that the sling is my new favorite and baby loves it too!  I used the tutorial from here:

very easy to follow.

Happy sunday

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Lauren said...

Awww. I love little environmentalists!