Monday, March 22

Manic Mondays

Today was a great day.  Cy went to bed by himself without mama or daddy sitting with him for the first time since Ter was born 4.5 months ago.  Possibly napping will return as well?  One can only hope!

My mom started her new job today.  This means no commute and she works about 2 minutes from our house.  This is awsome because when I start my golf course job in about 2 weeks she is going to watch the babes in the morning.  I only will be working until 12 ish.  Yay, a job where the hours 6am-12pm has never looked so good!  I think that its the only way to work when you have two kids and are still breastfeeding.  Mom also brought me an electric breast pump to try.  So far babe has refused to take a bottle but I think he will be okay plus I am only away for 6 hours.  My job is 7 min down the road so I will feed him before I go.

Today we noticed a few sprouts comming up out of Q 's greenhouse garden.  There will be pics tomorrow but today I can't find the cord and I am going to sleep.  Glorious sleep.

Night Night...

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