Thursday, August 13

The truth comes out

I have been eating clean for the past 3 weeks now. Except this past week I have fallen off the wagon. I can't remember why I fell off, what was the catalist? Anyway with this pregnancy, I am 7 months along tomorrow!, I have been full of energy. My last pregnancy our couch had a perma print of my ass in it for the last 4 months or so of the pregnancy.

This last week my stomache has been sore, I am exhasted, I have headaches. It suddenly dawned on me. I have felt like crap ever since I stopped eating clean. Man if only I knew this years ago. My body hates junk food! I have eaten junk, lots of it, (i have a huge sugar tooth) for the past 26 years and have been feeling crappy. Always on and off I have felt crappy, more then the average bear. All I had to do was eat clean?

I am not going to fall off the wagon again! It's no fun feeling like crap with no energy and no patience for anyone!.

As I sit here I am eating a salad wrap, just salad in an organic wrap, already I feel better.

Everyone should try this way of eating!

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