Thursday, July 24

Snakes, Hikes, and Famous babies!

We went to Calgary to visit Auntie Sam and cousin Cassie two days ago. When we went for a walk we saw a snake! Crawling across the path right in front of the strollers a grey/green 1.5 foot long garder snake. So neat, we have not seen a snake in this area for a few years.

Then yesterday Grandpa, Grandma, and Baby and I went hiking around two jack lake outside of banff! A little rain, a mommy duck and babies and a new baby friend. A really nice relaxing hike all around.

Today Auntie Sam and Cassie came out to go to baby play group with us. It was really fun, lots of songs and other babies. Cyrus has his photo in the newsletter, he is famous! It is the newsletter for the whole bow valley!


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