Monday, April 30

Waldorf Kindergarden

We just got home from a meeting for the Waldorf Kindergarden in our town.  It's a go! Yay... I really like the concept of the Waldorf philosophy.  Cy is in the preschool already, T will go next year.

They are also offering a Forest Play a few afternoons a week where the kids just get out and play outdoors and learn too.  Cy will love it.

The price is a bit over our price range so I am going to finish my bookkeeping courses this summer so I can start working.  Then we will have the extra moola that we need.  The best part is that I will be able to work from home so T can still be home with me.

Today I saw a bluebird just outside our yard.  It's been a while since I have seen one as they are very rare.

The boys had a great time playing outside today.  They made up a game that involved a king and rolling balls down the slide.  I was able to capture some great photos, I will post them tomorrow as I am sleepy now.



Zekar Photography said...

hey, what is the waldorf philosophy? sounds interesting...and also like Wizard school or something lol. Bluebirds, gorgeous! so neat to see :)

TamaliMama said...

Waldorf a more natural way of learning, you can google it for more... nature based...small classes, outside ect

yep bluebirds, rare to see here but sometimes