Tuesday, April 24

Strawberry Fields

I moved 12 strawberry plants from the front garden to a new bed at the back.  I hope all of the plants that I transplanted survive.  Right when I was finished it started to pour so they had a good drink.

The boys were making a mud pond in the yard today.  T learned how to turn on and off the outdoor tap.  Endless fun.  T did get a face full of mud when Cy swing a shovelful.  I wished I had taken a photo :(

When the rain started I wrapped all of C's yarn into hanks so I could see how much she had.  Such  a beautiful hand spun yarn.  Looks like candy.

The cold I have is really getting to me.  All sneezing and stuffy nose.  I just hope I do not get a sinus infection like I had last year. (knock on wood)  The boys also have it now too so I am debating if we should skip school tomorrow or not...

Off to get the boys to bed after wrestle mania, then I hope to finish T's sweater tonight

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