Saturday, April 21

 Fun park play on a very nice Early April day, it was 15 so we HAD to go to the park!

 First fire pit of the season... many more to come!

 Easter 2012, T is absent from pics because he just ate all his chocolate!

 Quiet happy play for about 30 min, a mama dream, I just knitted.  Now they are throwing empty pop bottles around their room with the door closed... it's the little things in life :)

Our tomatoes!  This year they seem to be on drugs!

Yesterday we took the boys in to get blood taken for allergy testing.  Cy sat on my lap and watched the nurse as she inserted the needle.  He didn't even flinch or get upset!  We were so amazed with how he did.  Our very brave 4 year old.

T cried when the needle went in but when they were finished he stopped crying right away. The nurses were great , they only took a minute.  

Then we all went out for ice creme at Dairy Queen.  

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