Monday, April 23

Birds and Bees.....

Saw our first bumble bee today!  It was huge.  It's almost time to let our mason bees come out of hibernation... maybe this weekend.  I am really excited to see how they do.

We saw a Yellow Headed Blackbird today in the yard.  I have never seen one before and it looked tropical to me.  Not my pic... (i  wish)  it came from here 

Hope to see more of this guy and many others as the season continues.  Also some some Junco's eating from Cy' feeder last week.  Also Q saw a bald eagle on his way to work.

Lindsay and I almost hit a black bear last friday on the way to knitting.  It ran right out onto the road!  A very large one, pure black , at least 400 lbs I think.

I LOVE living here!

Here is my little grow-op!

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