Wednesday, April 25

Yarn Along

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I am almost finished T's sweater that I can almost taste it.  I just need to knit up the collar and sew my ends in.. oh and pic some very fitting buttons.  I tried the sweater on his today and he hated it.  I'm hoping once it's all finished with no hanging strings that he will like it (fingers crossed).  The pattern is Gavyn in Ravlery.

The rest of our day has been riddled with sniffles and vomit.

I have had a wicked cold since last Friday and it's seems to just keep getting worse.  I sneeze all day 5 or 6 sneezes at a time.  My head hurts and I am so congested that I am unable to taste my food :(.  All I want to do is go to sleep but someone has to change bums and gets snacks.

Cy also has the cold, it has just started with him so I hope by the time he is full blown I will be better so I can take care of him better.  Also after lunch Cy was running around and then just vomited on the floor.  He said he was hot.  Since then he has had no problems and ran around the yard for an hour.  Hope that one little vomit is the only one I see.

It reminds me of the time my brother was little and my mom was doing his halloween makeup.  He said he felt bad and then one second later he vomited everywhere.  My mom barely had time to barrel roll out of the way :O

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