Wednesday, September 17

Operation-Make Money

Lately life has become more expensive then usual with the gas prices and now that we only have the one income and a bit. By bit I mean less then $500 extra a month.

We have come to the conclusion that a budget is the best way to go. You may be thinking "how did they get this far without one?" We are also unsure on this answer. A quick look at our bank account confirmed the expected-we spend way too much money on food and entertainment. When mom and dad were teaching self restraint I think I was sick that day! Now my brother, there is someone who is amazingly money-wise. I am SO envious!

I need to make more money, hubby told me the other day that he is feling stress about our money situation. He usually gets really grumpy and does not express why, here is why!

There is much I can do I think! I have many outlets to make money at my disposal, the only problem is that with baby I do not want to be away from him very much! I want to be a stay at home mama!

Oh the two hopes shall meet, Grandma has much work for me, I just have to plan to do it. So instead of complaining about our lack of money I am going to work on budget and extra jobs right now! Wish me luck!

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