Thursday, September 25

Daily Little Things!

Yesterday I finished by 16th run to date. I am almost finished week 5 on my running program plus that race that I did. That reminds me I have to check out the Cause Canada website to see what hubby and my offical race times were. I will let you know later!

My goal is to finish 40 runs by christmas, almost halfway there and doing well so far! Usually I run with the baby stroller and the two dogs. Coordination is key. Much harder then just running alone. But way more fun with the whole famdamly.

Koeywon our bigger dog (newfoundland X lab) broke his toenail down to the quick the other day while running with Daddy so he is off running for a few weeks. Poor guy, you should see his face at the window when we take off without him. :(

Daddy had his 36th birthday on the 23rd of September. My brother took him to the first Flames game of the year, the lucky bugger. Then I made him cupcakes and a little cake which I decorated with a car. Hubby is allergic to eggs so I bake without them but I am not having very good luck keeping the cake from falling apart....if anyone knows of a good egg substatute please let me know!

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