Wednesday, August 27


It has been alomost a month since I have written anything in here, and I am sorry to you who read it. This does not mean that this past month of our lives has been slow and boring quite the oposite.

The inlaws were here until Aug 8 for 3 weeks so it was very busy around here. They purchased for us some Sod (thankx gandparents!) so the lawn looks great! Well now that we have a lawn worth talking about.

The tomatoes are growing about the size of cherry tomatoes right now, and we have harvested about 10 more strawberries off the plants. More on their way! Also the potatoes that we planted are showing some promise! Yay! Definately I will plant more vegetables and more varirty next year.

Baby has really started to move and pull up on everything, and every once in a while he tries to let go and continue on, this leads to falls and bumps but he has not let these set him back at all.

Our wedding anniversary is comming up in two weeks to be exact! So that means that next weekend is our anniversary run! I have been training for the past 2 weeks today I completed my 7th run so far, I am very proud of myself.

Our first wedding anniversary I planned to run the Cause Canada 5k in Canmore. I trained, and invited my hubby to join me but he said "I am not a runner". On the day of the run I was all ready to go at the start line when hubby pulled off his t shirt revealing another t-shirt underneath with a race number on it. He decided to join me! He got us roses and we pinned them to our shirts with the race numbers and at the finish line he had got my mom to bring champane and glasses! It was awsome!

Following the tradition last year hubby ran but I was very pregnant so I cheered from the sidelines! Hubby won gold in his age group (old man group if you were wondering)

Ths year our 3rd, we plan to run with baby in the jogging strolled. Wish us luck!

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