Monday, October 27

Craft Sale!

This past saturday my mother and I shared a table at the Exshaw Christmas Craft Sale. It was good. Not very busy but enough for me to make $15 dollars after the $20 table fee! I even sold some earrings. (which is about time). The most popular tems were the baby stuffed softies that I had made. There a a few on my etsy site if you are interested.
Last night baby came down with a cold so nobody got any sleep last night. :(. Now he is finally sleeping! Took a while and a walk but yay hopefully he feels better when he wakes up!

Here are some photos of what we have been doing lately. Oh and he says: balloon, shoe, cracker and duck!
P.s this is our indoor tomato garden about 6 tomatoes to date and a few on the way!

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