Sunday, October 5

Birthday Boy

Family @ 1 Year
Grampa, Baby and Cousin Cassie
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The new truck garage under the t.v
Taffie all partied out!
Auntie Laura and Baby

(More pics soon!)

Baby's birthday was today, my baby is no longer a baby, now he is a toddler.

All my family came to celebrate the birthday of my baby, Granny, Grampa, Auntie Sam, Auntie Laura, Auntie Kate, Auntie Kim, Uncle Devon, Uncle Mike, Bailey, Ben, Donna, Jay, Mark, Marie, Sandie, Mike and baby Ella. What a party!

I made a chocolate cake from a recipe I found on the internet, Best recipe ever for a cke without eggs! It turned out awsome here are some pictures! Baby had a great time with his friends and cousin fighting over toys and chewing and ripping wrapping paper. What could be better?

Baby had way too many toys before his birthday but now he has way too many toys! A few trucks fro ride on and pushing! More bath toys, all construction theme. A few hand knitted sweaters from his Auntie Diedre in Ontario. A great gift certificate from Grandma and Grandad Springstead also in Ontario. Thus will be used to buy clothes since baby oops, toddler is growing like a weed! Thankyou!

A few books. Also Auntie Katie made a scrapbook of babies first year! It is awsome! So many cute pictures, a great idea Kate. This encourages me to get to work on my scrapbook!

Also Uncle Devona and Auntie Kim made a rocking horse out of wood, almost finished but looks great, a hit with all the babies.

Cake covered faces and two sleeping babies ended the party. A great time was had by all, here are a few pictures of the great even.

Thankyou everyone for comming and thankyou to the far away family for sharing in the celebration. We will see you guys soon!

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