Saturday, September 24


Ah the joys of moving. No matter how organized you try to be or how far in advance you are aware of your impeding move, there are still piles of stuff in your livingroom.

We are moving on Friday... I have day home kids all week except friday (thank goodness)

How many toys can I get rid of before the kids start to complain? Does anyone else have kids that have way too many toys... but when observed only play with about 5?

Here is our list:

Legos (mega blocks mostly)
Train set
Soft Balls
Tinker Toys

a few extras would be: shopping cart, transformer toy, crafts, any kitchen stuff

That's all they usually use... the rest get dumped out on the way to these coveted toys. I am really enjoying the purge! If only my hubby would let me go after all his tools and car stuff...

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