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Argentine policewoman breastfeeds abandoned baby

Buenos Aires, March 10 (EFE) An Argentine policewoman breastfed a shivering newborn she found abandoned in a field in Mendoza province, a media report said.“It was pure instinct, something I did without thinking. I asked if she was alive and wanted to do my little bit to help,” said Alejandra Farias, 22.
The newborn had her umbilical cord and showed signs of hypothermia. She had been abandoned on a plot of land near the site of Argentina’s National Wine Harvest Festival.

“I have a five-month-old daughter called Mayra. The fact is I don’t understand who could think of leaving a baby out in the cold. If we hadn’t found her, she couldn’t have survived because half an hour later it started to rain. When I got home and saw my baby girl, the tears started running down my face,” Farias said.
A group of people had alerted the police that a baby girl had been found and was crying on a field next to the auditorium where the wine-harvest festival in Mendoza, the centre of Argentina’s wine industry, was being held.
“I asked for an ambulance to go to the Children’s Hospital but we decided to take a taxi because the area was completely jammed after the event. That was when the policewoman offered to breastfeed the baby. She risked a lot because we had no idea about the baby’s state of health,” police officer Luis Vairus told the daily Critica.
The cop said that the infant was in good health and weighed 2.6 kg and that the doctors named her Candela, “queen of the wine harvest”.
“I never experienced a situation so critical, only recently have I started learning about life on the streets. I want to visit her with my daughter and take her some baby clothes. I’m going to keep in touch so I know what’s happening in her life,” Farias said.Read more:

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