Thursday, November 26

Too Busy to Blog!

Just letting all you readers know that I am having great difficulty finding time or energy to blog.

Last friday Baby had an appointment he now weighs 8.8 lbs. He was 7.13lbs at birth so he is reall gaining well. Baby has been a bit fussy in the night for the past few days but last night was good and I almost feel well rested.

This morning Cy, Teris, and I went to play group. I love playgroup. I get free coffee, and the kids get a chance to play with kids their own age. There are a ton of toys and stories and songs, also there are crafts sometimes too! So much fun every thursday morning! The best advice I can give to any mom is to find a play group in your area! They will keep you sane.

Over and out! The springsteads

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