Friday, July 3


Cy has been all about playing outside. I am finding it hard to go for walks with him because he does not stay close to me or listen when I call him back. An almost 2yr old. Anyone have any ideas of how to make this a little easier. It kind of reminds me of training my dogs to come back...but they want to please me more then my baby does. Hmmmm possibly if I walked with cookies, like I used to with the dogs.

Last day today at Donna's house. Our babysitter. I am really looking foreward to being home more with baby. I really miss him. The longest days are my 10-7pm shift. I get home and have about 1 hr before I have to get baby to bed. Never enough time.

Our garden is taking off! The potatoes are huge! Everything else is comming along too. I can't wait until we can start harvesting. I always had a fear of nothing growing after all our hard work. Q always thought...why wouldn't it grow? He is so trusting. Plus he used a ton of manuer.