Monday, July 20

Auntie Sheron

Today was the first day that Cy went to Auntie Sheron's house while I work. I am very excited that he will go there 2 days, and I will have him the rest of the week. The last two weeks I have been at home, I realized how much I miss being at home with my bean. Also how much cleaner our house is, better our dinners are, ect. I miss being at home!

I only have to work until Oct then I will have enough hours for maternity leave when the new baby comes near the end of October. Two will be so much fun!

Cy didn't mind going to Sheron's at all, I was not worried that he would be upset, he is so easy going. Plus Sheron is a mother and grandmother so she is perfect for the job!

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Erica said...

Glad things went well for Cy! I don't even have a kid yet and I already struggle with the idea of not being home with one once I do!

CONGRATS on the first day of eating clean!!! Your body will start feel awesome so quick- you will be amazed! I was