Monday, July 27

New Stuff

Yesterday hubby and Cy went to Calgary to find flooring. We found click flooring in dark wood for 30% off plus we do not have to pay for a year! We have enough to do the livingroom and the two bedrooms. I am so excited! Thoes were the last rooms that needed flooring from the origional gutting of the house we did when we bought it.

Picture this:dark wood, green fuzzy rug, tree painted on the's room! It's going to look awsome! I am so excited to finally really decorate Cy's room, soon to be shared with the new addition in Nov. Can you tell that I am nesting? All I wanted to do today is stay home from work and organize the house.

Cy is almost 22 months, where did the time go? I am trying to teach him to say 22 months if he is asked how old he is. Almost there! Today and tomorrow are my last work days during the week....I cannot wait, I really miss being home with him all day. Plus I want to have some more time with him before the new baby. It will never be just Cy and Mama after Nov, I am not really sure how I feel about this. Don't get me wrong I am SO excited for the new baby, but it will be such a change in what we have will be fine I know but I cannot help but can I love another as much? Will Cy feel left out? Time will tell and consiously thinking about Cy time as well.

Have a great Monday!

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