Tuesday, October 27

False Labour Sucks!

Last night I was sure that I was in labour. All the signs were there, very regular contractions that not only were noticable but they were painful, I was actually leaning over the sink when they came cause they were so intense. Also the pain raidiated into my back. These are sure signs of labour. All of this from 3:30pm ish until 9:30ish when Q asked how I was and I grundgenly answered fine! They just seem to taper off when I am not paying attention. This has been the third time this month that I was sure it was labour.

The first time around my water broke at home so it was very ovious that it was labour, I wish mine would break again so then I would know without a doubt!

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Laura's Blog said...

Just go to the hospital and get them to take the baby out! Go when you are in the middle of the contrations. Then I can meet the new one!