Sunday, February 28

Running Training Feb 22-29

I have 2 Half Marathons coming up this year so I have jumped right back into training again.  This year is different in the way that I am determined to stay strong and injury free.  Last year I was plagued by the dreaded ITB!

These are the workouts I did this week:

22- OFF
23-RUN 1.75 MILES
27-RUN 2.34 MILES

A bit slow running this week.  I ran on the 23rd in the am.  Later in the week a cougar was spotted walking down our street in the middle of the day.  I was not comfortable running in the early am for the rest of the week after that!

I ran after work on the 25th, it was still sunny a wee bit!

Saturday I run with my little dude and the dog in the morning.  We did not have very much time because we had Cy hockey game 1.4 hrs away.

Then my mom took the boys for a sleepover so  and I could have an overdue Valentine's date!

Q and I went to the farmer's market to buy some cheese and some sausage.  Balsamic and Roast Onion Gouda is my new favourite!

After the market we went to value village to donate some stuff and found a bunch of nice things for the boys and us.  We had a coffee, nice dinner, and some wondering around the mall.  Then we decided against a movie as there were none that looked awesome.  We watched some NCIS and went to bed.  It was a really great night.


I am super tired today.... trying to get the house sorted before Monday comes.  Next week is shaping up to be just as busy!

How is your training going?  Any races coming up soon?

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