Monday, February 8

Grumpy Monday

Not me, I am actually not grumpy today it seems like most of the people around me are.  I am trying very hard to make sure that my mood is not affected by the grumpy makers but wow its hard.

People at work were grumpy, they are frustrated in their positions and that means that they get to dump on me... really?  Would you say that to your boss, I think not!

T was fine until I told him to sit for his snack or it would get taken away.  He did not listen so I took away his snack.  It seemed to be the end of the world!  Grumpys came out!

We went for a walk to break the grumpies and it worked for a while... but I am thinking he is just tired.

As I sit here writing this he is back on the floor whining about writing out the title of his book.

Ahhhh give me the strength to get through the evening without looing my cool!

My little guys are so cute and I need to keep reminding myself about that as I continue the march to bedtime.

SO adorable eh?

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