Thursday, February 11

No Spend Week Sucess

So far so good!  Last week when we put the check in the bank we were in the red by about 1300.

This week when my check goes in we will be in the red by only 450!  Still in the red but a huge improvement.

The Q and I are not quite on the same page for how we want to pay off the debt.  I would eat pb and rice for a month (or longer)  to make sure the debt is paid off as soon as possible.

Q on the other hand feels like he had worked for so long, would like to get the house finished.

I see a good point to both sides, but I HATE debt!  Since even before we were married we have had some kind of debt over our heads.  It makes me feel awful :(

I know that we would feel so much more secure and happy if we had no debt!  I want to have all moy money to go to us not to some item we bought years ago and can't even remember.

So far so good with the plan.  I will plan out next week after the check goes in!

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