Saturday, February 13

No Spend Week Outcome

Last week when we had no plan to do a no spend week we spent a total of $529.61 in 1 week!

This amount only includes gas, food, and extras.  All other payments such as mortgage and natural gas ect are all paid automatically.

If we keep spending that amount for a whole month we are looking at 2118.44 a month.  This is about $776 over what we have budgeted for these areas.  No wonder we are having trouble keeping our bank account in the black.
$776 over for a whole year would mean we would be spending about $9300 over budget!

This last week we started a no spend-a-thon.  We are only allowed to spend on gas, groceries. only when necessary.

We spent a total of 119.99!  Much better!

Anyone else doing the no spend month?

Let me know how its going!

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